About Us


The Wesley Synod is the full original Methodist and Historic Apostolic Synod, dating back to the 1800 and the Christ Methodist Episcopal (CME) Churches of America.

Its head office now based in Canterbury, England is working around the world in many countries. We our doing the Lord’s work 24 hours a day somewhere. We feed the poor, help the needy, tend the sick and take the word of God to many people around the world.


The Mission of the Wesley Synod is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ’s liberating Gospel through the word of our mouth and deeds of our hands. At every level of the connection and in the parish, the WESLEY SYNOD INTERNATIONAL shall engage in carrying out the spirit of love and compassion as did John Wesley preaching salvation to the oppressed poor people in England out of which the METHODIST achieve, that is to seek out to save the lost, and save the needy through a continuing program of the following:

  • Preaching the gospel
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Clothing the naked
  • Housing the homeless
  • Cheering the fallen
  • Providing job for the jobless
  • Administering to the need of those in prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, asylums and mental institutions, senior citizens homes, caring for the sick, the shut-in, the mentally and socially disturbed.
  • Encouraging thrift and economic advancement

To this we comment to you in the glorious fulfillment of the great kingdom of the Almighty and Angelic host in heaven, to his eternal and everlasting Glory. Amen.

REGENERATION: A change of NATURE; a new life in Christ Jesus

REPENTANCE: A change of MIND; a new life in Christ Jesus

CONVERSION: A change of LIFE; a new life in Christ Jesus

JUSTIFICATION: A change of SERVICE to serving the lord Jesus Christ

ADOPTION: A change of FAMILY; a new relationship with the Father’s Son and the Holy Spirit

GLORIFICATION: A change of FOCUS; Colossian 3:2.


TO DATE: In 1994, the St.Thomas-a-Becket Institute was set up as a way to teach the Bible to many. Then over the years the seed was planted for setting up of a Bible College work worldwide and to teach teachers to teach others.

To run such a theological Institute and college we needed a team to help run a school of learning. We started off slowly and to build on a-dreams working and researching until teaching of the Holy Bible. A lot of courses used by Thomas-a-Becket Institute would not be impossible without their work and help. At the end of 1998, we were pleased to have other good Christian Teachers join our team to help others on a field of Christian Education. These people, with their good church background helped many people around the world. Over the past few years we have set hundreds of courses from many parts of the world and in August 1999 with the help of Nigerian Government we annexed a branch of the Theological Institute to Eket, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria now a recognized Theological Christian Institute and University in Africa. At the start of  the year 2000, we opened our first Prison Ministry with a Bible School in Maryland U.S.A with the works of Dr. Orlando N. Hamilton, and with the help of many people and friends of the Synod, we are now training new ministers in South America and with the lord’s help we hope soon to open a Bible College annex in India. There is also a chance of us opening up another Bible College in Uganda in East Africa. We are now helping with children need in Kenya, Nigeria and India.

Also we now have regional Bishops in Nigeria, a Chancellor and General Secretary and an Archbishop. All these started with nothing, and now we cover the world with God’s love, now we have many ministries and churches taking the word around the world. For long time now we have had Wesley Synod U.S.A working with us for many, strong and well founded Synod, by joining both Synod together. The road is clearly marked for the people, in other Countries to build on which was not just a dream in our minds but the true wish of God that we go forward and teach the world. We are still working on what is the right way to go, but we are sure the Lord will show us. As we go forward into the millennium, the staffs and the Bishops within the Synod worldwide look forward to training of minsters, who will go forward and teach the word of the Lord with many people around the world. We have churches in Africa with their own communication with us worldwide.


We are Historical Apostolic Synod working for the good of all. We do not have an independent churches or ministries, we work as one family. We also have a charter and accreditation from SS Peter and Paul University, France.

Our International website is https://www.lutheranuniversity.yolasite.com