Scam Alert

Wesley Synod International Missions do not have any relationship with Wesley Synod African foundation. (Register on 4th Nov, 2004 with Reg. RC 73203) 164 old Palemetory Rd, Ext, Cross River, Calabar with the following trustees:
1. Manfon Effa Agatha – Trustee Secretary
2. Ojoi Enebiene Archbishop Dr. Barthsy – Trustee
3. Manfon Effa Rev. Dr. Agatha – Trustee
4. Yeboah Agyemang Dr. Kofi – Trustee
5. Besong Obenofunde Chief (Dr.) Moses – Trustee
6. Iwuoha Chief (Dr.) Bruno – Trustee
7. Odungide Elder (Dr.) Mbakam – Trustee
8. Nsan High Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel – Trustee
9. Agbor Pilot (Dr.) Simon – Trustee
10. Uwhubetine Dame Dr. Rhoda – Trustee
11. Ilawole Chief Dr. Adebisi – Trustee
However, any transaction carried out with any of the following individual or Wesley Synod African Foundation is solely done at owner risk.

Wesley Synod International Missions or St. Thomas-a-becket University will not be held accountable for any form of such transaction. If you have any inquiry, feel free to call 08068186026 or 08027692444.